Current Issue
February, 2023

  • Vol. 62 No. 01
  • Splitting operation for composite units and construction of fractions as multipliers

    Yoo, Jin Young · Shin, Jaehong

    The purpose of this study is to explore how the student, who interiorized three levels of units, constructed fractions as multipliers by analyzing her ways of conceiving improper ......

  • The analysis and algebraic consideration on the rationalizing denominators in school mathematics

    Choi, Jihoon · Kim, Inkyung

    The rationalizing denominators presented in the mathematics textbooks is being used in various places of school mathematics curriculum. However, according to some previous ......

  • Students’ cognition and a teacher’s questioning strategies in the error-finding activity of the concept of irrational numbers

    Na, Youn-Sung · Choi, Song Hee · Kim, Dong-joong

    The purpose of this study is to examine not only students' cognition in the mathematical error-finding activity of the concept of irrational numbers, but also the students' learning stance ......

  • An analysis of students’ engagement in elementary mathematics lessons using open-ended tasks

    Nam, Inhye · Shin, Bom

    Students’ engagement in lessons not only determines the direction and result of the lessons, but also affects academic achievement and continuity of follow-up learning. In order to provide ......

  • Elementary school students’ metaphors of angle concepts

    Kim, Sangmee

    This study used metaphors as a analysis tool to investigate elementary school students’ formation and development of angle concepts. For this purpose, the students were asked to write words associated with ......

  • Challenges faced by elementary teachers in implementing the five practices for effective mathematical discussions

    Pang, JeongSuk · Kim, Sohyeon · An, Hyojoo · Chung, Jisu · Kwak, Giwoo

    Even the teachers who agree with the necessity of effective mathematical discussions find it difficult to orchestrate such discussions in the actual lessons. This study focused on analyzing ......

  • A case study on the design and application of metaverse class space in elementary mathematics: Focusing on the affective domain

    Park, Mangoo · Lee, Yunkyung · Jeong, Bohwa · Jung, Yujin · Kim, Jiyoung

    This study attempted to design a virtual space using ZEP, a metaverse platform, to enable mathematics classes in the metaverse space, to apply it to mathematics classes, and ......

  • Exploring factors in terms of school and social environment that affect high school student’s affective attitude on mathematics according to the student’s academic level, grade, gender, and school location

    Jung Hye-Yun

    In this study, we explored factors that affect high school student’s affective attitude on mathematics with respect to the school mathematics instructoin, school mathematics assessment ......