Current Issue
August, 2023

  • Vol. 62 No. 03
  • Analysis of functions and applications of intelligent tutoring system for personalized adaptive learning in mathematics

    Sung, Jihyun

    Mathematics is a discipline with a strong systemic structure, and learning deficits in previous stages have a great influence on the next stages of learning. Therefore, it is necessary to frequently check whether students have learned well and to provide immediate ......

  • Value in math learning according to socio-cultural background and meta-affect of secondary school students

    Kim, Sun Hee

    The value that students consider important in math learning may vary depending on the student's socio-cultural background and personal experience. Although socio-cultural backgrounds are very diverse, I considered overseas vs domestic Koreans, and ......

  • Analysis of student noticing in a lesson that emphasizing relational understanding of equals sign

    Lee, Yujin

    This study analyzed student noticing in a lesson that emphasized relational understanding of equal signs for first graders from four aspects: centers of focus, focusing interactions, mathematical tasks, and nature of the mathematical activity. Specifically, the ......

  • Analyzing an elementary school teacher’s difficulties and mathematical modeling knowledge improvement in the process of modifying a mathematics textbook task to a mathematical modeling task: Focused on an experienced teacher

    Jung, Hye-Yun

    This study analyzed the difficulties and mathematical modeling knowledge improvement that an elementary school teacher experienced in modifying a mathematics textbook task to a mathematical modeling task. To this end, an elementary school teacher ......

  • In-service teacher's perception on the mathematical modeling tasks and competency for designing the mathematical modeling tasks: Focused on reality

    Hwang, Seonyoung · Han, Sunyoung

    As the era of solving various and complex problems in the real world using artificial intelligence and big data appears, problem-solving competencies that can solve realistic problems through a mathematical approach are required. In fact, the 2015 revised mathematics ......

  • Preservice teacher’s understanding of the intention to use the artificial intelligence program ‘Knock-Knock! Mathematics Expedition’ in mathematics lesson: Focusing on self-efficacy, artificial intelligence anxiety, and technology acceptance model

    Son, Taekwon

    This study systematically examined the influence of preservice teachers' self-efficacy and AI anxiety, on the intention to use AI programs ‘knock-knock! mathematics expedition’ in mathematics lessons based on a technology acceptance model. The research ......

  • Analysis of Finnish mathematics textbooks on movement of a point: Focused on spatial orientation elements

    Kwon, Misun

    In the 2022 revised mathematics curriculum, a new content on ‘Movement of a point’ was added. Therefore, this study analyzed the contents of the movement of a point presented in Finnish mathematics textbooks as elements of spatial orientation. Analysis ......

  • Analysis of the impact of mathematics education research using explainable AI

    Oh, Se Jun

    This study primarily focused on the development of an Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI) model to discern and analyze papers with significant impact in the field of mathematics education. To achieve this, meta-information from 29 domestic and international ......